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Author: Christian Nyhuus

Failed to get client identity (80004005) and SyncTimeWithMP() failed. 80004005

I came across two errors Failed to get client identity (80004005) and SyncTimeWithMP() failed. 80004005. When i was trying to boot a machine from a ISO Boot Media and run a Task Sequence, in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager / ConfigMgr / SCCM. The SMSTS.log looked like below, with the two errors in question. After some digging around on google, which did not help much in our situration, as we did not have any time problems with our DP. I saw that we had a warning on our SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER. In here i could see that it has rejected a request, due to...

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TDC Hosting is now Itadel A/S

TDC Hosting has changed name to Itadel A/S. This is after TDC Group sold TDC Hosting to Maj Invest Equity back in March 2017.   The reason why i choose to write this on my blog, is because i work as a Client Management Specialist at Itadel A/S. My primary focus is on Microsoft System Center Configuraion Manager Current Branch, Windows 10 and automation with PowerShell. (Read more on my LinkedIn profile) You can follow Itadel A/S on LinkedIn here: Watch the official video from Itadel A/S (in...

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Calculate disk extension information with PowerShell

Calculate how many Gigabytes you need to extend your disk with, to gain a certain percentage free disk space, with this PowerShell script! This evening i was asked if i did remember how to do a percentage calculation, in order to tell by how many gigabyte a disk needed to be extended to gain 20% free disk space. The result was this PowerShell script, that i am sharing with you!   Usage To use this script you need to load the function, and then run it with three parameters like this Get-DiskExtentionInfo -CurrSpaceTotal 2000 -CurrSpaceFree 100 -TargetFreePerc 0.2 This will...

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Uninstall EXE Applications with PSADT

Do you want to uninstall EXE applications with PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSADT)? Then you should read this article, as i will learn you how to do exactly that. If you are a frequent user of PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSADT), you might know the command Remove-MSIApplications , which can be used to remove MSI applications by searching the registry for their display name or GUID. However this will not work for EXE installed applications. So how do i create a EXE uninstaller with PSADT? I’m sure that it can be done in a lot of ways, but here i will show...

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PowerShell Process Monitor

I wanted a process to be always running, so why not make a PowerShell Process Monitor for that? The idea was to create a never ending script, to look for the process, and if it shutdown for what so ever reason, it should start it again. The script is fairly simple. We use a While ($true) to make our never ending loop, in that we have a if() else() statement, to handle if the process is running or not.   How to use the PowerShell Process Monitor Use this script on your own risk! Copy the script below and...

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